VAI Practicum 8 Special Verbs

(1) ndúpuw he cooks
I can cook!
Are you cooking tonight?
No I will not be cooking later.
When are they cooking?
Ye should cook today.
She can’t cook tomorrow.
We plan on cooking today.
I will cook.
You are not cooking.
I said ‘hello!’
I was going to say so.
He shall say …
He shall not say …
I was thinking I should say “no.”
(3) eew
Ta ha kta?
Ootéeneeng ndaam.
Óoxwung eew.
Nûmaw-a (nûmaw-aam)
We (excl) can’t go.
Ye should go soon.
He wants to go now.
alúmsuw  vai he leaves
I left a while ago.
You recently left.
I intend to leave soon.
He is leaving now.
We (excl) always leave early.
They are not leaving.
(5) wulúsuw he is nice, good looking
I am nice.
You are nice.
He’s nice.
He’s not nice.
I’m going to be nice.
We (incl) are not nice.
(6) wulàmalúsuw he is feeling well
I am well.
I am not well.
They are well.
I am usually well. (aniisku- pv habitually)
Katúnge.  Next year.
Wiimbat. Ten
Ngwútaash Six
How old am I?
How old are you?
How old is he?
Tomorrow he will be six years old.
Next year you will be ten years old.

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