Mahican VAI Changed Conjunct

The Changed Conjunct Mode is used when the action of the secondary clause occurs simultaneously with the action of the main clause.

Preverbs almost always introduce the verbs in this mode.

The changed conjunct mode can be recognized by the use of initial change and the use the conjunct endings without a modal ending.


A preverb that signifies a relatedness of one idea to another. An idea related in terms of time might be translated as ‘while’ or ‘during the time that …’ or when. Other types of relatedness might include the way or manner, the place or location or the reason or purpose of an idea.

Nāākmah nhah pāāw āānih-kawúyah.  
She came here while I was sleeping.  

Ustah awāān nhah pāāwih āānih-kawúyakw.   
Noone came here while we were sleeping.  


A preverb meaning ‘when’ or ‘where’, ‘a certain time and place’.

Míitθuw āātanih-kawúyan.  
He eats when you are sleeping.   

Mihtkwihtook āāwak āātan-anahkayah.  
They went to the forest where I was working.  

Negative use examples:

Ksiixiichŭwāāw āātanih- ustah -anahkāāwah.  
She cleaned while I was not working.  

Ustah miitθíiwih āātan- ustah -kawíiwan.  
He does not eat when you are not sleeping.  

Nuyah ndąąptoonah āānih-ustah -káwiikw.   
I  talked because he was not sleeping.  

Ustah ąąptoonāāwih āānih- ustah -apíiwah.  
He is not speaking because I am not there.  

Noonāāntam āānih- ustah  nhah -pahtiikw.   
I was glad they didn't come.  


āānkwih- pv certain amount, extent + conjunct

Its time for sleeping.  

Its time to sleep.  
(Emphatic or collective plural form)  
Tpuskawihnāāw āāhunukwih-anawiimuk.  
It is time to go hunting. (s85) 

anukwihkw pc extent, volume, amount; variant anukwih
Nih anukwih nāākmah āānāāyuk. This is the way he is. (HA35)

Nih anukwih wchook nāākmah āāyąąt.
There all the way to the mountain where he went. (Ps5.2)


nahnăpiit vai as one likes, as one wishes

A conjunct only verb

Nahnăpiit=chih āānāāyuw.  
He will do what he wants.  

Nahnăpiit kawíiw.   
He may sleep as he wishes.   

Locative clauses using the changed conjunct

Wíikiit ndah.  
I'm going where he lives.  
(wíikuw vai dwell there)  



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