Welcome to this site devoted to the study of the Munsee Delaware language.

The author of this website is very much indebted to Ives Goddard, PhD, senior linguist for the Smithsonian and to John O’Meara, PhD Professor and Dean at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Both of these men have devoted much time and effort to the study and preservation of the native languages of North America, including Munsee Delaware. Much of the content on this website is directly or indirectly derived from publications and books they have written. These works were in turn based on field work which started in the 1960s with speakers of the huluníixsuwaakan, the native language.

Xwatanúshiik (huge thanks) to both of these extraordinary men for their contributions to this project.

I also thank my teacher, the late Chohkalihle Jacobs, for his encouragements, expertise and devotion to teaching the language.