VTI Subjunctive Conjunct

This mode is used when the sub-phrase talks of things that have not really occurred, but could or might happen.

One could call these hypothetical or conditional sub-clauses.

The Subjunctive Conjunct Mode adds the modal ending (-e) to regular conjunct endings but without initial change.

... néenge 
if she sees it 

... kataatánge  
if he wants it 

... kataatamáane  
if I want it  

Mah ndayumóowŭneen amóxool mah kataatamoowéengwe.  
We won't get the boat if we don't want it.  

Ktáyumun uch ha katá-ch-neemáne?
If you see it will you get it?  

Mah aa ktalunumóowun ahtawáane 
You should not touch it if I put it down.  
alúnum vti1b touch s.t.  
áhtoow vti2 put s.t. down


When used alone with uch (future) this mode furnishes 3rd person commands:

Let him do it. 

Let him see it. 

Let him get it. 

Let him bring it. 

Let him eat it. 

Let him drink it.

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