VTI Practicum 8 Subordinative


wiingáatam vti1a like s.t. + verbal complement in the subO

Nuwiingáatamun numíitsiin.
I like to eat.

You like to say it.
He likes to drink it.
We like to eat it.
Ye like to see it.
They like to bring it.

kwuneelundam vti1a think s.t. to be a long time.
peetoow vti bring it
wuliixtoow vti fix it

Nii ngwuneelundamun nal-uch ehkwu-maaweewiin.
I think that it will be a long time until the end of the service

Do you think it will a long time until he brings it?
He thinks it will be a long time until you fix it.

leelúndam think about s.t.

pehtoow vti wait for it

Aayáaxkwu mah kweek wtuleelundamóowun poosiin.
After awhile he didn’t think anything of getting in a vehicle.

I thought about saying it.
You thought about waiting for it.

Examples using (nun)

That’s the chair I wanted.
That’s where you should bring the food.

miichuwaakan ni food
ahpapoon ni chair

(5) Storytelling mode:

naatum vti get s.t.
kwiilam vti look for s.t.

Then he went to get it.
Then you looked for the cookies.