VTI Practicum 4 Defined Negatives

Form the defined set of VTI negatives, with sg and pl object
For VAIOs provide forms for animate and inanimates objects

1st sg _______________
2nd sg _______________
3rd sg _______________
1st pl _______________
2+1 pl _______________
2nd pl _______________
3rd pl _______________

(a) kwiilam look for s.t.

(b) palúnum drop s.t.

(c) neem see s.t.

(d) wuláhtoow put s.t. away, store

(e) muneew vaio-s he drinks s.t.

(f) uw vaio unstable says s.t

(g) wihkwihleew vaio unstable run out of s.t.