VTI Practicum 2 Defined 1

(1) Defined Mode: Conjugate to all 7 persons
Provide translation for the top entry.
For VAIOs provide forms for animate and inanimates objects
1st sg  _______________
2nd sg  _______________
3rd sg  _______________
1st pl  _______________
2+1 pl  _______________
2nd pl  _______________
3rd pl  _______________
(a) Kwíilam  look for s.t.
(b) Palúnum drop s.t.
(c) neem see s.t.
(d) wuláhtoow  put s.t. away, store
(e) péhtoow wait for s.t.  (compare to peetoow vti2 bring s.t.)
(f) tumúshum cut, sever s.t.
(g) shiingíinam hate s.t.
(h) muneew  vaio-s  he drinks s.t.
(i) lóowiiw  vaio-s pass by s.t.
(j) uw   vaio unstable says s.t
(k) ndupuw  vaio unstable cook s.t.  (natupwii)
(l) kata-ndupuw intends to cook s.t.
(l) akuw  vaio unstable wear s.t.
(m) wihkwihleew  vaio unstable run out of s.t.