VTI Practicum 14 Conditional Conjunct

Neem see it
Kataatam want it

If I see it I will want it.
Translate this to all persons, including X.

(2) Add (aw) to the appropriate forms as a variant

Kwiilange apih laapii moxkamun.
kwiilam look for it
moxkam find it (numox, kumox, mox)

Translate :
If you look for it you will find it again.
If ye look for it ye will find it again.

(3) Translate

He won’t find it if he doesn’t look for it.
We won’t find it if we don’t look for it. (incl)
They won’t find it if they don’t look for it.

(4) Translate

loosum burn it
peetoow bring it
I will burn it if you bring it.
He won’t burn it if we don’t bring it.
We (excl) will burn it if he brings it.
We (excl) won’t burn it if he doesn’t bring it.

móxkaw find it
kxanuw have it (vaio)
ahtoow put it down
Ayum buy it

Let him find it.
Let him have it.
Let him put it down
Let him buy it.