VTA Practicum 4 Negative Defined Plural Direct Neutral

Defined Mode Conjugation Practice Plural Object, Negatives

Word List

aapi áapu- PV return (from doing sth)
akutaku- pv quick, fast
wiingu- PV like to

ahwaaleew vta love s.o.
wiichumeew vta help s.o.
wiicheeweew vta go with s.o.
neeweew vta sse s.o.

I don’t like to help them.
You can’t not help them.
He will not go with the boys.
We do not like to help them.
You should not quickly help them.
I did not came back from seeing them.
You did not love them very much.


We (incl) saw him not.
We (incl) saw them not.
You saw him not.
You saw them not.