VTA Practicum 39 Imperatives

Translate using word list:

wiishaleew vta scare s.o.
ahleew vta put s.o. down
pahtamaweelxaweew vta pray for s.o.
kteekheew vta photograph s.o.
sakweelumeew vta worry about s.o.
looseew burn s.o. (loosw)ee+w
payaxkaheew shoot s.o. (payaxkahw)ee+w

Don’t be wary of him
Don’t ye scare her
Don’t scare me
Put that (animate) down
Put me down
Pray for me
(Ye) pray for us
Don’t take my picture
Take a picture of us
(Ye) look at me
Don’t ye look at me
Don’t worry about me
Burn him
Don’t burn him
(Ye) burn him
Don’t (ye) burn him
Let’s burn him
Burn me
Don’t burn me
(Ye) burn me
Don’t (ye) burn me
Burn us
Don’t burn us