VTA Practicum 38 Conjunct 7


wiichumeew help s.o.
nihleew kill s.o.
wíishaleew scare s.o.
niishalohkeemeew vta work with s.o.
matahkhaaleew vta fight with s.o.
kihkulooleew talk to s.o.

My helper (he who helps me)
The murder victims (the ones he killed)
Your co-worker (the one you work with)
Our opponent (the one we fight with)
The listener (the one he talks to)

wtaxeew vta visit s.o.
wíishaleew scare s.o.
msháaleew think about, remember s.o.

Where I visited her
Where you scared me
Where we talked to him
Where he talked to us
When I remembered her
When she remembered me