VTA Practicum 31 Subordinative 3

piipíinaweew choose s.o.
leew tell s.o.
Then you chose her
Then they chose her.
Then they wanted to choose her
Then I told him.
Then he told me.
wiicheeweew go with s.o.
wtaxeew visit s.o.
pahtheew hit s.o. accidentally
You’re going there with him today.
We’re (incl) going there with him today.
Ye visited them there one time
This is where you hit me by accident.
This where we (excl) were hit by accident.
Niish-kiishooxkw nah ndunda-niishalohkeemaawak.
I worked with them there for two months.
He …
They ….
Ahch mah nah wiicheewaawiiwal.
‘He didn’t even go with her there.’
I …
We (incl)
Ye …
Yoon ndohlaanak.
This is where I got them.
(plural ending is optional but useful here)
This is where you got them.
This is where we got them.
This is where they got them.