VTA Practicum 30 Subordinative 2


talatawaapameew vta see s.o. in a certain place.
nu + tal- => ndundal-

Kohpi pc in the forest

I saw him in the forest.
That’s where you saw him.

niishalohkeemeew vta work with s.o.
wtaxeew vta visit s.o.
pahtsheew vta cut s.o. by accident, cut s.t. animate by accident,
nu + p => mb

I went with him to the place where he works with you.
You saw me where I was visiting my mother.
That’s where she accidentally cut the man.

wundsútaweew hear s.o. from a certain direction

I heard him from the house.
That’s where you heard him.
I don’t know where he heard her.

kteekheew vta take a photograph of s.o., draw a picture of s.o., make a tracing of s.o. nu + kt => ngut
pundaweew vta hear s.o.
peeshuweew vta bring s.o.
ahwaaleew love s.o.
eehundaxpoon table
yeelak over there
Kwáchûmung outside

We went with you so we could see him.
I love you. That is why I took your picture.
You saw me from over there.
He heard us from outside.
Can you bring the book from the table?

sakweelumeew vta worry about s.o.

Were ye worried about him?
We worried about him for two months.
That’s how long ye worried about him?
I talked to her until 3.
I waited for you until nightfall.