VTA Practicum 29 Subordinative 1

(1) Change the following to subordinative forms

neewa lunuw

Change the above forms to subordinative negatives

kuhkulooleew talk to s.o.
neeweew see s.o.
peeshuweew bring s.o.
punaweew show s.o.

Let me talk to her
Let me see you
Let me be seen
Let him bring her.
Let me show you

aapuweelumeew vta find s.o. easy (to do something with).
niishalohkeemeew vta work with s.o.
kihkulóoleew talk to s.o.

It is easy for me to work with you.
I find them easy to talk to.
Do you find us easy to talk to?
You don’t find it easy to work with him.

wiingáaleew vta like to do sth w s.o
niishapoomeew vta sit with s.o.
peeheew vta wait for s.o.

I very much like to sit with you.
I don’t like to wait for him
I like to eat potatoes.
He likes to see her.

áhwat vii be difficult, be hard
matahkhaaleew vta fight with s.o.
meelawiiheew vta play with s.o.
nguneew vta stop s.o.

Its hard for me to not see him.
Its hard for you to see me.
He stopped her from fighting with me.
Its not difficult for you to play with us.
I won’t stop you from fighting with them.
They should stop ye from playing with her.
He should stop ye from playing with her.
He should stop you from playing with her.

(7) li- subordinative uses

moxkaweew vta find s.o., find s.t. animate,
kxweew vta be afraid of s.o., be wary of s.o.
kteekheew vta take a photograph of s.o., nu + kt => ngut
kteekheew vta photograph s.o.
naxkooheew vta sing to s.o.

I waited until he brought her.
You worried until you found him
I was wary of him photographing me.
We were worried you were angry with us.
We were worried they were angry with us.
I made him angry by talking to him.
You made him angry by not waiting for him.
He took a picture of me singing to him
We were seen going with the men.
I don’t know how I got hit.
This is the way I him him.

(8) non subordinative uses
tahwuneew vta catch s.o.; arrest s.o. (nu + t => nd)
wiicheeweew go with s.o.

I talked to him over there.
I accompanied her to her home.
You somehow managed to talk to me yesterday.
I caught him in the forest.
It was in the forest where I caught him.