VTA Practicum 22 Mystery subject 3


chunustáweew misunderstand s.o.,
Conjugate to all persons, positives and negatives

1st sg _______________
2nd sg _______________
3rd sg _______________
1st pl _______________
2+1 pl _______________
2nd pl _______________
3rd pl _______________

looseew burn s.o.
kteekheew photograph s.o.
tumusheew cut s.o.

I was burned.
Were you burned?
He was cut but I was not cut.
We (excl) were photographed.
Ye were going to be photographed.
They were not photographed.

leew tell s.o.
mhweew eat s.o.

I was told.
He was told.
I was not eaten.
They were eaten.
You wanted to be told.
You wanted not to be told.

kxweew vta be afraid of s.o., be wary of s.o.
pahtamaweelxaweew vta pray to s.o., pray for s.o.
wtaxeew vta visit s.o.

I am scary.
I’m not afraid.
You were prayed for.
He was visited.
We were visited. (excl)
We were not visited. (incl)
Ye were prayed for.
They are scary.