VTA Practicum 20 Mystery subject 1

(1) ahwaaleew love s.o.

Conjugate to all persons in mystery subject mode and provide translation

1st sg _______________
2nd sg _______________
3rd sg _______________
1st pl _______________
2+1 pl _______________
2nd pl _______________
3rd pl _______________

sakweelumeew vta worry about s.o.
pakameew vta hit s.o.

I was hit.
Were you being worried about?
Was he seen?
We (excl) were helped. (wiichumeew help s.o.)
We were all hired (incl). (alooleew hire s.o.)
Were ye wanted?
They are going to be helped.
He is going to help them.
They are going to help some men.