VTA Practicum 2 Negative Defined Direct Neutral

Defined Mode Conjugation Practice Negatives

Word list:
móhkamuy na ice
kaal na car
skahúnzuw na boy
óxkweesus na girl

kwiilaweew vta look for s.o.
móxkaweew vta find s.o. (numox, kumox, mox)
neeweew vta see s.o.
leew vta say to s.o.
ayuweew vta buy s.o.
ahwaaleew vta love s.o.
tumusheew vta cut s.o.
mhweew vta eat s.o.

pwaawii- pv unable to
shiingi- pv unwillingly, refuse to do
kwchi- pv try to (do); try and (do)
akweechii-PV try to do
chanu- pv by mistake, in error

I looked not for the ice.
He looked not for the ice.
We looked not for the ice. (excl)
They intend not to look for the ice.
Ye ate the ice.
The girl loves not the boy.

I won’t find my car.
You should not buy the car.
He intends not to buy this car.
They saw not my little car.

I did not told him yesterday.
Why will you not tell him?
He will not tell the girl.
They will try not to tell the boy.
He cut him not.
He didn’t cut him by mistake.
We are not unwilling to tell her.