VTA Practicum 10 Reverse 4


(1) Conjugate to negative direct and to reversed mode, and translate, identify the obviative forms when applicable.

1st person sg neeweew (he sees s.o.)
3rd person pl ahwaaleew (he loves s.o.)
2nd person sg nihleew (he kills, beats s.o.)
1st person pl kataaleew (he wants s.o.)
3rd p sg neeweew
2nd person pl ahwaaleew

(2) Construct phrases using these words:

éewachu- PV often
asku- pv have to
pwaawii- pv unable to
peexoot pc soon, nearly.
ooteewaaleew vta visit s.o.
nu + oo => ndoo

He does not often visits me.
He should not visit me today.
She does not have to visit you.
His Mom did not visit him.
He will not visit us in the future.
She won’t come visit ye soon
They didn’t visit him, he didn’t have to visit them.


peeteekhamaweew vta write to s.o.

He didn’t write to me yesterday.
He will not write to you soon.
Did the man not write to her again?

péeshuweew bring s.o.

He brought me not.
He brought us not.
He brought them not.

kteekheew vta draw a picture of s.o.
nu + kt => ngut

pwaawii- pv unable to

He drew no picture of me.
Did he not draw a picture of you?
The man drew no picture of her.
He doesn’t want to draw a picture of us.
He will not draw a picture of us (incl).
She is not going to draw a picture of ye.
He didn’t draw a picture of them.

(4) Conjugate to all persons in negative reversed mode with and without the preverb kata-

1st sg _______________
2nd sg _______________
3rd sg _______________
1st pl _______________
2+1 pl _______________
2nd pl _______________
3rd pl _______________