VII Practicum IV Other Stems

(1) Translate the sentences using the word list provided.

Word list:
Láawatuw vii have a certain value, cost a certain amount
Takwámuwal. They are stuck together,
Mehchihleew it is worn out (unstable stem in aa)

áhpapoon ni chair
wíikwahm ni house
láapii pc again

My chairs are there.
His chairs are worn out.
My chairs are not worn out.
This chair is old, the other chair is not old.
The chairs are in the house.
Did it turn red again?
Why didn’t it turn red?
How much do these chairs cost?
When will those chairs be stuck together?

2) Using the provided word lists, translate the sentences below:

wunjíikuw vii it leaks.
askatúpuw vii be undercooked
Ktámuw. It is sticking out.
Téepamuw. It fits.

naxk nid my hand
heembut ni shirt (nu) + (h) => ndah beginning pattern
kooshkooshéewakw pork (meat)

aalu- pv unable to
kata- pv want, intend to
aapwi- pv early, easily
tohpi or tohpu pv lot, lots
ehkwu- pv stop, cease

Tense Words
waapange tomorrow
uch ‘future’
apih might, ‘future’
weetu in awhile
ayaaxkwu later
shukw pc but
wulaakwe yesterday
mehch now
kunjóoka PC recently
yáanee pc always, often

It leaked alot yesterday, but it is not leaking now.
Is your hand bleeding?
When will my hand stop bleeding?
Tomorrow their hands will not be bleeding.
The shirt doesn’t fit.
The pork will not be undercooked later.
But it is undercooked now.
His shirt is always sticking out.
Why is your shirt not sticking out?

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