VII Practicum 3 Consonant Stems


VII Practicum 3 Consonant Stems

1) pluralize the following and translate to English

Alút It is rotten.
Áhwat It is difficult.
Wûlút It is good.
Píilut It is clean.
Alumíikun It grows
Mahkíixiin It was knocked off.
Niiskiináakwat It is dirty looking.
Shookuliipóokwan It has a sweet taste.

2) turn above verbs into questions … is it there? etc …

3) write negative forms of each of the above verbs, from (1), include sg and pl

4) Using preverbs and past or future tense words, modify the following verbs as directed:

verbs from (1)
ksháxun be windy
sóokûlaan be rainy

aalu- pv unable to
kata- pv want, intend to
aapwi- pv early, easily
tohpi or tohpu pv lot, lots

Tense Words
waapange tomorrow
uch ‘future’
apih might, ‘future’
weetu in awhile
ayaaxkwu later

wulaakwe yesterday
mehch now
kunjóoka PC recently
yáanee pc always, often

They will be rotten tomorrow.
It can’t grow.
It isn’t clean now.
They are often dirty looking.
They grow easily.
It will be good in a while.
They were recently knocked off.
Were they sweet tasting yesterday?
It rained recently.
Will it rain later?
It will be very windy tomorrow.
It will be windy again.

5) Translate to English:
wtéehiim strawberry
xwáskwiim corn
máhkahkw pumpkin
wíisakiim grape
níhkaat leg
mbúy water
paxkshíikan knife
áhpapoon chair

Mahkáhkwal mah wulutoowíiwal.
Shookulapwáanshal tohpu-shookuliipóokwanool.
Ndapíinayum mah wulutóowi.
Xwáskwiim áalu-alumíikun.
Ooteehíimal mah alutoowíiwal.
Níhkaat píilut.
Nu mbuy niiskiináakwat.
Ktahpapoonum mahkiixiin.
Paxkshíikan mah mahkiixiinóowi wunj-ahpapóonung.
Wiiskíimal píilutool.
Mah tohpu-ahwatóowi.

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