VII Practicum 6 Conjunct Basics


Identify which conjunct mode would be appropriate for the following sentences:

If it rains I’ll stay home.
When it rained I got sick.
I’ll buy the green one.
When you came I was sleeping.

(2) Initial change practice
Enter the proper vowel for the conjunct form in the parentheses for the following:

example: alut => ( )lihk
answer: (ee)lihk

nzúkeew => nz( )keek
It is black. => The black one.

awán => ( )wang
It is foggy. => Fog.

wíineew => w( )neek.
It snows. => Snow.

áhwat => ( )hwahk
It is difficult. => The difficult one.

wunjiikuw => w( )njiikiik
It leaks. => That which leaks.

ahteew => ( )hteek
It is there. => The one that is there.

páasiiw => p( )siik
It swells up. => The swollen one.

identify the conjunct mode:

(initial change)-(verb stem)-(conjunct ending)-(e)
(initial change)-(verb stem)-(conjunct ending)
(no initial change)-(verb stem)-(conjunct ending)-(e)

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