VAI Practicum 20 Imperatives

(1) Translate
Nah áatookw. Let’s go there

Go there.
Don’t go there.
(ye) Go there.
(ye) Don’t go there.

Láapii iil. Say it again.

Don’t say it again.
(ye) Say it again.
Let’s say it again.
(ye) Don’t say it again.

Simon uw, ‘kulúmapiil’. Simon says, ‘be quiet’.

Don’t be quiet.
Let’s be quiet.
(ye) Be quiet.
(ye) Don’t be quiet.

Ngíhlaal. Stop.
ngíhleew unstable vai-aa he stops

Don’t stop.
Let’s stop.
(ye) Stop.
(ye) Don’t stop.

Aapxéexiin listen

Don’t listen.
(ye) Listen.
Don’t ye listen.
Let’s listen.

Alumíhlaal. Go away.
[alumihleew vai-aa go away]

(ye) Go away.

ehkwtóonheew he stops talking vai-s

Stop talking.
Don’t stop talking

noottóonheew start talking vai-s

Start talking.
Don’t (ye) start talking

nxáasuw he watches out, he is wary

Watch out!
Lets watch out.

Preverbs with imperative

Maw-kawiil. Go to sleep.

(ye) Go to sleep.
Let’s go to sleep.
ye) Don’t go to sleep.

(3) Conjunct commands

Miitsiite-uch. Let him eat.

Let him come.
Let him sleep.
Let him work.
Let him speak.
Let him go.
Let him lie down.

(4) Subordinative mode imperatives

miitsuw he eats

let me eat
let us eat

(5) aayee pc emphatic particle

Aayee ma ktaaptooneen.
‘Please speak’

Please (ye) eat!
Please don’t go.

(5) Preverb (kiish-) able to with (aa) could, should

kiish-aa-miitsi? Can you please eat?

Can you come?
Can you talk?