VAI Practicum 11 Subordinative III



(1) A narrative has been discussing a town meeting at the community center. This location is referred to in the following statements using (nal) using the subordinative mode. Translate as directed.

(a) NaI ndalumúsiin. Then I went away (from there).

Then we went away (from there).
Then you went away.

(b) Nal mah ndáawun. Then I didn’t go (there).

Then he didn’t go (there).
Then ye didn’t go (there).

(c) Nal mah ngáta-áawun. Then I didn’t want to go (there).

Then you didn’t want to go (there).
Then they didn’t want to go (there).

(d) Nal ndáalu-áan. Then I couldn’t go (there).

Then he couldn’t go (there).
Then we (inclusive) couldn’t go (there).

(e) Nal ndiit, ‘nii táasa ndaan’. Then I thought, ‘I might go (there)’.

Then I thought, ‘she might go there’.
Then did you think, ‘you might go’?

(f) Nal mah kûlùpakóowun. Then you didn’t cry (about it).

Then he didn’t cry (about it).
Then I didn’t cry (about it).


(a) Kway kíishkwihk ápih nah ndaan. I’m going there today.

We are going there today.
We want to go there today.

Kway kíishkwihk ápih nah ndáaneen.
Kway kíishkwihk ápih nah ngáta-áaneen.
(b) Wunukwtun- nah -aan. She went there one time
They are going there one time.
You are going there one time.


(c) Nah ha oomun. This is where he comes from. (wum vai come from)
This is where I come from.
you, we, we, ye, they

Nah ha nóomun.
Nah ha kóomun.
Nah ha nóomûneen.
Nah ha kóomûneen.
Nah ha koomunéewa.
Nah ha oomunéewa.

Naalanu-kiishooxkw nah ndunda-lalohke.
I worked there for five months.
naalanu- pn five

you …
he …
we …


Ahch mah nah éewu.
‘He didn’t even go there.’

I …
They …

Ask eet nah apúw. He must be there.
(abstract use of nah) ask pc have to, must

You …
She must not be there.
Nah naláhii ndúlu-pumúsiim. I walked to Munceytown.
naláhii pc Munceytown, Ontario, ‘up-stream’.

He …
(a) Nun ha oonjíiyayiin na lúnuw. That’s where that man comes from.
Yoon wtaamíhlaan. He fell here.
aamíhleew vai fall over, be knocked down, be knocked over,
I … you… we… ye… they


Nu wtaamíhlaan. He fell there.

Nun ha lúnuw wsiin. That’s what the man said
Nun na ha nii nziin. That’s what I’d say.
Piish ndúlaan shukéhla wánsiin. I told him but he still forgot (it)
piish pc indeed, yes;

You told them but they still forgot (it).
(a) Yu pumaathóokwun.
He floated right by here.
pumáathookw vai float by. float along.

Aayáaxkwu nan nda. I went later.
Heesh taa lúkih nan ndulootéewi.
I go there to visit once in a while.

you… ye…

(a) Nan noom lóowanu. I went there last winter.


Nan mbúmu-lóowi. I passed by there.
lóowiiw vai-s pass by. pumu- pv by. along.

you… he…we (exclusive)…they…X
Naakaayeeke apih nan mba. I’ll come (there) in a little while.
Naakaayéeke vii in a while, usually only in conjunct order.



pumu- pv by. along.
Nan mbúmu-laashíhla. I ran by in a flash.
laashíhleew vai be a glimpse of someone seen while going by.


(e) Yu paan. He came to this (place).
I… you… we…ye…they….


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