VAI Practicum 10 Subordinative II


(1) Translate using verbs listed below:

taláawsuw vai he lives there, (somewhere, location qualifier)

He lives in the forest.
That’s where he lives.
talahkíiheew vai he plants things there, (somewhere, location qualifier)

We planted things in the forest.
This is where we planted things.

talalohkeew vai work in a certain place, work there,

I work at home.
This is where you should work.

taliíneew vai have an illness in a certain part of one’s body.
naxk nid my hand

My hands are sore. (I am sore in my hands)
That is where I am sore.
(2) Translate using (talí)

talí talú pc here, there, in a certain place

I sleep where I work.
We walked everywhere.
(3) Construct phrases using wunj-
lumátapuw vai sit dowm
alúmsuw vai leave

That’s where I left from.
That’s the reason why I sat down.


(4) Use (wunj-) using neutral mode

Ye left the house.
She walked from the lake.

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