Nouns Practicum II Verbs and Obviatives

Nouns and Verbs

Introduction to the ways nouns and verbs interact and the basics of the obviative labeling system.

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Nouns and Verbs 2

Practice matching nouns of either gender to matching types of verbs

Word list:

Verbs, with 3rd person participant(s).
áhteew vii be there
apúw vai be there
wunéemun vti see s.t.
wuneewáawal vta see s.o.

Animate nouns
kóon snow
néenaxkw ball
pámbiil book
lúnuw man (lin-oh)
oxkwéew woman
oxkwéesus girl
moonáhkeew groundhog
póoshiish cat
nóohum my grandmother

Inanimate nounss

wtéehiim strawberry
xwáskwiim corn
paxkshíikan knife
áhpapoon chair
wíisakiim grape

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