VTI Practicum 5 Undefined

Conjugate undefined (absolute) forms of the following, using the noun provided, in the sg.
For the 1st sg of the VTIs, also provide a form with a pl object. Write the English translation for the forms.

For VAIOs, also provide the forms for a 3rd sg and a 3rd sg pl subject with a sg object, and a pl object.

1st sg _______________
2nd sg _______________
3rd sg _______________
1st pl _______________
2+1 pl _______________
2nd pl _______________
3rd pl _______________

kulústam listen to s.t. + wulaamweewáakan ni truth

ayum get, buy, keep, have s.t. + mihtkwiinóotay basket

wuliixtoow fix s.t. + kpáhoon ni door

vaio-s muneew drink s.t.
wchapihk ni medicine

vaio-s lóowiiw pass by
niichaan na child

vaio ndupuw cook some soup
kshiiteew ni soup,

vaio akuw wear s.t.
heembut ni a shirt

vaio wihkwihleew run out of s.t.
ohpun na potato
use plural object only here