VTI Imperative Mode Practicum 16

(1) Form the commands listed using the word list provided.

Word list:
akíindam count, read s.t.
kulústam listen to s.t.
áapunum open s.t., take off lid of s.t.
náxpunum grab s.t.
naatum get s.t., go after s.t.
náatunum pick s.t. . up
naxpíhtoow grab s.t.
ahtoow put it down
wund get from, get s.t. from a certain place
noondun koondun oondun
wundawaan wunduk
piind put s.t. on (clothing)
mbiindun kpiindun piindun
piindawaan piinduk
ktaam eat all of it, eat s.t. up


Count it.
(Ye) count it.
Let’s listen to it.
Please let me open it.
Let him open it.
Don’t open it.
(Ye) don’t open it.
Put it down.
(ye) don’t put it down
Come from over there.
Let’s come from over there.
Put the shirt on now!
Don’t put on that shirt.
Eat all of it!
Let’s eat all of it.
Pick it up (ye)
(ye) go get it.
Pick it up later.
Get it now.
Grab it.
Don’t grab it.
(Ye) grab it