VTA Practicum 7 Reverse 1

(1) Conjugate to both direct and reversed mode, and translate, identify the obviative forms when applicable.

1st person sg neeweew (he sees s.o.)
3rd person pl ahwaaleew (he loves s.o.)
2nd person sg nihleew (he kills, beats s.o.)
1st person pl kataaleew (he wants s.o.)
3rd person sg neeweew
2nd person pl ahwaaleew

(2) Construct the phrases listed using these words:

chaniilaweeheew vta annoy s.o.
nu + ch => nj ; ku + ch => kch ; wu + ch => wch
njoos my friend, nguk my mother
oocheew fly, koon snow, pambiil book

I annoyed my mother then my mother annoyed me.
Did she annoy you?
My friend annoyed him.
That book annoyed us.
The fly annoyed ye.
This snow annoyed them.

(3) Construct phrases using these words:

tahwuneew vta catch s.o.; arrest s.o. (nu + t => nd)
payahkwu- pv be glad abt sth
shiingi- PV unwillingly, refuse to do

He intends to catch me.
He can’t catch you.
My mom is going to catch him.
She caught us yesterday.
She was unwilling to catch ye
He was pleased to catch them

éewachu- PV often
asku- pv have to
pwaawii- pv unable to
péexoot pc soon, nearly.
ooteewáaleew vta visit s.o.
nu + oo => ndoo

He often visits me.
He should visit me today.
She must visit you.
His Mom is unable to visit him.
He will visit us in the future.
Will she come visit ye soon?
They visited him, he had to visit them.