VII Practicum 5 Subordinative Mode

(1) Describe the differences between neutral mode and subordinative mode construction.

(2) Build subordinative clauses with the following verbs, based on the example provided.

Nun ha áhteew.
That’s where it is.

wiineew it snows
looteew it burns
alut it rots

(3) Add a noun to the phrases constructed below based on the example provided.

Shookulaapwáanush nah áhteew. That’s where the cookie is.

looteew ; wíikwahm
mateexun it falls ; asun ni rock
alut ; wteehiim ni strawberry

(4) Pluralize the noun in the phrases constructed above.

(5) Translate

The houses were in the forest. That’s where they burned.
The rock was on the road. That’s where it fell.
The rocks were on the road. That’s where the rocks fell.

(6) Build subordinative clauses drawing on example below and translate:


wûlút ; wiisâkíimal
Nun ha wunj-wûlút wiisâkíimal.
That’s why the grapes were good.

alút ; wtéehiim
alút ; wteehíimal
áhteew ; pakíinjuw ni plate
máxkeew ; ashíikanal ni socks
matéexun; asún

(7) Same

Nun ha ayúlu-alút. That’s how it rotted.



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