VII Practicum 11 Conjunct Participles


1) Conjugate to the conjunct participle form and provide a translation:

máxkeew it is red
oolíikeew it is blue
nzúkeew it is black
alút it rots
xuwíiyayuw it is old
wûlút it is good or nice

2) Add an inanimate noun to the participles constructed above:

Wáhwal (ni) eggs
Ashíikanal socks

3) Using these preverbs, construct conjunct clauses:

eeli- because + conjunct form of it rain (sóokûlaan)
eenda- when + conjunct of it blue (oolíikeew)
eenda- where + conjunct of there is corn (Xwáskwiim áhteew)
eel- because + conjunct it red (máxkeew)
neeli- while + conjunct it snow (wíineew)
eendxun- everytime + conjunct it swells up (páasiiw)
weetûmu- pv while => conjunct it bleeds (móhkuw)
eelkih- pv certain amount, certain extent + conjunct it leaks (wunjíikuw)
kiish- pv completed action + conjunct it melts (lúngteew)

(4) translate:

How much do the ripe ones cost?
Where are the red ones?

5) translate:

Its not going to be snowing tomorrow.
It snowed alot last year
When it is not snowing it is good.
If it is going to snow it will not be good.
When it snows there is no corn.

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