VAI Practicum 16 Co-Occurring Conjunct II

(1) Néeli- pv while
Néeka uch kúndkeew néeli-pûmáawsiit.
She will dance as long as she’s alive.
Construct this phrase in all other persons, including ‘X’
(2) Construct the following phrases:
aapxéexiin vai listen, listen intently,
kulaxéexiin vai listen,
Nii ndaapxéexiin neeltóonheet.
I listened intently while he was talking.
You listened intently while I was talking.
I did not leave while he was not talking.
He listened intently while ye were talking.
He didn’t leave while I was not talking.
(3)  léhlapiit vai  as one likes (a conjunct only verb)
Lehlapiit uch lunum.
He will do what he wants.
He will go as he pleases.
You always do as you please. (ktulûnum you do)
We dance the way we please.
(4) eesh pc every
lóngwaam vai he has a dream
Nii lóngwaam eesh kawúyaan.
I have a dream everytime I sleep.
Do you dream everytime you sleep?
She does not dream everytime she sleeps.
They dream everytime they sleep.
(5) eel- because, in the way or manner of
uw vai he says, says so
Néeka maw-kawíiw eel-kweek-íiyaan.
He went to sleep as I talked
(Goddard pg ix)
I went to sleep as you talked.
We went to sleep as he talked.
You didn’t go to sleep as we talked.
Ye went to sleep because they didn’t talk.
(6)  eedxun- pv whenever
Néeka mateelúndam éendxun-katóopwiit.
He’s unhappy whenever he’s hungry.
Construct in all persons.
(7)  Construct in all persons.
Wuleelúndam éendxun-mah-katóopwiikw.
He feels good whenever he is not hungry.
(8) eeli pv  because, in a certain manner or direction
Nii mah ndaaptoonéewu éeli-kawúyaan.
I didn’t speak because I was sleeping.
Construct in all persons.
Néeka piilalóhkeew éeli-mah – apíiwaan
He is cleaning the house because I am not there.
piilalohkéew   vai he cleans the house
Are you cleaning the house because I am there?
I am cleaning the house because you are not there.
Nii nooleelúndam éeli-mah-páawaan.
I was glad I didn’t come.
Were you glad I came?
She was glad he didn’t come.
We were not glad that they came.
We were glad they didn’t come.
Were you glad I didn’t come?
(11) iiyéeskwa pc  before + conj
Kwiinamálsi iiyéeskwa kiish- alóhkayan.
You got sick before you finished working.
Construct in all persons
Éelkih-kawíing. Its time for sleeping
Its time to eat.
Its time to dance.
Its time to leave.
Its time to come.
Its time to go.
Its time to say so.
Its time to speak.